Addictive cooking games - Healthy cooking for college students


Addictive cooking games - Healthy cooking for college students

Addictive Cooking Games

addictive cooking games

Innards: The Sweet Ride

Innards: The Sweet Ride

"caramelized onions, half a ripe pear & brie cheese...rides like a dream" $12.67
and a side of sweet potato strings
with Domestic Elk patty - $3.29 upgrade
extra Roasted Red Peppers - $1.53
extra Jumbo Shrimp - $3.71

In contrast to original expectations, the addition of pear and peppers really lifted any potential heaviness of the oozing brie cheese (which was minimal). The mildly sweet flavours did justice to the lean game meat, which was cooked to medium well (a little too crumbly to hold up against the silky moist toppings). I wish I knew we could have requested the patties be cooked to medium rare. The jumbo shrimp? It was nicely grilled and added on just because we could. It was also consumed well before my first bite into the burger.
I'm also a sucker for sweet potato fries. These ones were coated with a thin shattering crust, crisp and addictive like chips.

Keeps beating like a hammer (88/365)

Keeps beating like a hammer (88/365)

My hospital visit is always well prepared, today I bought a Su Doku bokset for my mum to do when she's bored and a photography magazine for me to read (didn't learn much, just a bit of sharpening techniques and how selective sharpening is cool). Most of the time I was playing patapon 2 on the psp which is mucho fun and addictive.

Not much progress today since it's a sunday and most doctors are sleepy or relaxing. My mum started eating again and was able to eat the food I cooked her yesterday, kinda wish I knew that so I could cook some more for today. The hospital food was mucho blandular so very little of that was consumed.

addictive cooking games

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